​What can Pilates offer you ?

Pilates is a system of slow, flowing, and precise movements developed in the 1920s and onwards by the German-born Joseph Pilates, (born 1880). Described as ‘a thinking way of moving’, Pilates works by developing and integrating our awareness of our bodies, our core control and our mobility. This combination enables us to achieve ‘functional fitness’ to know and be able to use our own true strength and flexibility effectively.



Why not come along to one of our classes for a free taster to experience first hand the benefits of Pilates ? Our classes are kept small for that 'personal' feel which enables us to give you as much time and attention as you need to progress and are also a great place to make new friends from all walks of life

         About Me
I have been a professional riding coach for the past 25 years (BHS Accredited Professional Coach & UKCC Level 3) and have helped coach some of the top riders in the county.
Over the years, and thanks to several horses depositing me on the ground, I had developed severe back disc issues which resulted in me being advised that my only course of treatment was having my spine fused.
After reseaching other options I discovered Pilates. That was 11 years ago and I've never looked back !
In 2013 I decided to become a professional Pilates teacher, so, after an intensive 1 year study programme based in London with Body Control, one of the world's most renown Pilates associations, I started Feel Good Pilates
I hold qualifications in
  • Level 3 matwork (Body Control Association)
  • Level 3 REPS
  • Level 3 Diploma in Instructors matwork
  • Purestretch certified Instructor
  • HIP Pilates Certified Instructor
So you can rest assured you are in experienced hands.
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